3: What we can bring to The Secret Garden Party

The client is the Secret Garden Party (SGP). The SGP is a music festival that ‘Started with 500 friends gathering at the bottom of the garden’ (Secret Garden Party 2016:Online).  The chosen platform is social media. ‘Social Media is the future of communication, a countless array of internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information.’ (Social Media Defined 2014:Online). The use of social media in marketing is that we can use it ‘to provide an identity to who we are and the products or services that we offer’ (The Balance, 2016:Online).

This is a tactic that SGP utilise as they use social media to help promote themselves. SGP use Facebook effectively, they have a page that keeps their followers up to date with news/events surrounding the festival. The number of users whom have liked it is 174,181 as of 14 December 2016, suggesting that the event is popular. (Facebook Online:2016). SGP also use YouTube effectively, as they release an annual video highlighting  the best bits of the year whilst promoting next year’s one. This is done to interest viewers and entices them to come again, they display ticket information at the end so customers can purchase tickets.

However the online presence of SGP has not reached its full potential. Digibites have devised ideas that they hope will enhance SGP’s online presence/visibility. Their creative ideas are suitable for social media because they are targeting twitter users with the #secretceleb hashtag where audiences create their best celebrity impressions for a chance to win VIP prizes which will enable them to share their content amongst others. AdWeek say  more than 70% of twitter users use hashtags, suggesting that they are widely used, they are used to create a campaign and build a brand. (AdWeek, 2013:Online). The agency propose a twitter poll where they ask users what genres they would like to see in future festivals which would be useful as feedback for the festival to help suit consumer interests and getting more connected audiences to the festival.

There is also going to be a #confessionchallenge for Facebook users where they are encouraged to confess their deepest secrets before nominating a friend which will be displayed over the festival to help connect others with the festival.

A final idea is placing snapchat cameras around the festival where campers film themselves for a chance to be featured in SGP’s snapchat story, which is exclusive to those following the official account. The agency expect a large reaction to this due to the fact that 10 million users use Snapchat daily in the UK and over 70% of these users are 18 or over, fitting into the target audience of SGP. (Business Insider UK 2016:Online).

If SGP used these concepts, it would mean they would have a bigger online presence/visibility and could mean that they compete better with other music festivals which would give them a bigger share of the festival market.


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